Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The Mariners game had a bigger crowd than usual last night. After the game, which they won (finally), much of that crowd moves towards the city which means towards me. They were screaming and roaring Seahawks chants. Yeah... One of the Mariners has a last name of Seager. During the game, there was chanting of SEA GER in the call and response of SEA HAWKS. But, after the game, the crowd just went right back to football season. The math of crowd IQ's has always fascinated me. Instead of taking all the brain power and achieving a giant way smarter brain, when crowds get together it's like the proximity removes all the brain cells from all the individuals. Weird.

Also standing around outside in the street and parking lot screaming for an hour after a game is fun? I don't get that either.

It doesn't bother me, I've lived here and heard it for 25 years, but it's just weird.


There's a woman being interviewed on NPR about being a single woman in today's world. She lives in a very different world of being a single woman than I do. She wrote a book about it - Spinster, Making a Life of Ones Own - so I guess she's exaggerating to make a point but ugh. And the interviewer is pandering. I disagree with both of them. It bugs me when people define my life totally incorrectly.


My plans are to walk over to local diner. They sometimes are not open on Sunday so if today is one of those Sundays, I'll just do my 20 minute walk and come home and cook breakfast myself.

And then I have two things to watch this afternoon. The Mariner game will be on the same time as the 10th anniversary of the TWIT.TV show This Week in Tech. I've been watching this show for all 10 years and remember well the first show. Usually, I download it and watch it on Monday and I'll probably do that for most of it but I'll also watch some of it live.


I spent a good bit of time yesterday organizing my bear yarn. Generally I can get 2 bears of out a skein and then there's enough left over for a bear sweater. Some skeins are bigger than others. And I end up with a lot of small balls of yarn. I made an afghan out of some of it but still have some more so now I'm making bears out of the leftovers until they are all gone. It takes some organizing. Not all the arms and legs will have heads that match exactly. It's real bear making nuance. It's very satisfying, however, to make a whole bear of out scraps.


The sun is supposed to be out all day with no clouds. This is the kind of day that will cause tonight's evening news people to spend an inordinate amount of brainless time waxing non-poetically about how perfect the weather was.

For me, it means get out to breakfast and back before 10 am and hope to dodge the worst of the sun and its heat. (And fast forwarding through more of the news than usual this evening.)

So... getting up and getting dressed right now.
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