Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fine, but the price is a nail trim

Zoey, the cat, is all in my face, on the computer, walking across the keyboard, turning around and walking back across it, nudging my face until my mouth is full of cat hair. After a while of it, I thought if she wanted so much Me Time, I'd use some of it to clip her nails. I got all of them done but by the time I finished, she decided she was done with me for now.

Good swim. It was more crowded than usual but I was still able to get in an hour without stopping. Today is April Pool's Day around the city. All the pools are offering free swims and games and fun stuff. They have been gearing up for days. I managed to get out of there at 10. The madness was scheduled to start at 10:30. Whew.

I went on to the little enclave of brunch places and found one I'd never tried before.  It was a no frills place that was ok. My mistake was ordering a benedict. When the hollandaise isn't good the whoe thing is ruined. This was made from powder and neither looked nor tasted good. Sigh. But, the potatoes were nice and extra crispy so next time I'll just order better.

There wasn't a lot of parking so I just drove around the block and parked several blocks away where there were lots of places. This gave me a good 5-10 minute walk to the place and again back to the car. Nice.

When my brother was here in February, I couldn't walk across the street comfortably. Today, after swimming a mile, I trotted the 5-10 mins easily, without stopping, without panting and in comfort!!! I'm as delighted as I am surprised. kewel.

Now I think maybe I'll do some laundry and some knitting.
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