Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


To be at the Saturday pool when it opens, I have to be walking out the front door in 30 minutes (at 7:45). The pool is only open an hour for laps so I need to be on the edge of the pool and ready to get in the minute the lifeguard says 'ok'. But at least I get a good, unfettered hour at this pool instead of an iffy 30 minutes at my regular one.

I have found several breakfast/brunch options in a neighborhood on my way home so I'm going to try one of those, hopefully. I have nothing else on the agenda today. If I get near a grocery store, I may have to stop and get ice cream and eggs but I can put off both if it's not handy.

I spent way too long yesterday trying to find an app that will help me keep tabs on how much I spend on food. I want to see the difference with and without paying Chef Anita. There are a million budget/expense tracking apps but I just want something simple to jot down spending and get running total.

Finally I abandoned the search and made myself a Google form that grabs the info easily and plops it into a spreadsheet and is easy to use from computer or phone. Exactly what I want/need, plus they had a theme that cracked me up.


Now it is time to get up and suit up and hit the road.
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