Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


There's a woman who has started coming to the early morning swim who fascinates me. She's a large woman, about as wide as I am (pretty wide) and about a foot taller.

You know those before and after decorator photos where a plain room turns into a showpiece with a little paint, some creative furniture placement and some accessories? That's this woman. She's large and very plain. In a swim suit she looks like I do. A lump. But, by the time she's showered and dressed and put herself together, she is a walking 'how to' of style. It's amazing.

Her clothes aren't expensive looking but are really stylish and her outfits are put together beautifully. I love seeing her and what she does with herself. She's a living lesson.


Today is bear delivery day. It's really gotten to be a pain. I dread having to do it - the delivery part. I do appreciate having a place to take them and having someone who is willing to get them into the hands of kids who appreciate them. So I should just shut up and get over myself. It could be way worse.


Today's walk will be down to the ATM at the baseball park. I need to replenish my cash. I'll probably wait until this afternoon so I can maybe soak in some of the pregame action.
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