Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

While the cat's away...

At one point, when I worked for IBM in Minnesota, they had this big campaign to encourage people to take time off. I was cited several times and called in for stern lectures because I was a Vacation Violator. I never took any and had a backlog that was fairly severe.

I never took any for 2 solid reasons. 1. I did a lot of traveling for my job so I was traveled out and the town was small and isolated with nothing to do and I loved my job. 2. I was afraid to leave my job for fear that while I was gone, something would happen that I hadn't planned for and they would find out about the fraud I had perpetuated - that I was a competent and valuable employee.

I was afraid of suffering what my manicurist now has...

So, I was trying a back stroke thing in the pool and my hand jammed up against the wall and part of a nail got torn. When I was getting dressed it kept snagging on stuff. I was going to hold off until next Tuesday to get my nails redone but I figured, what they hay... I don't have anything going one. I'll go get them done now. But... when I got to the manicurist, I was met by a note saying they were gone and the shop was closed from April 13 until May 2.  WTF???

You think they could have mentioned it when I was there last. May 2? That's more than 2 weeks from now! Not good.

I came home and tried to fix the nail and it didn't fix too well so then I did some deep dive Googling about removing a gel manicure. What I discovered was that it wasn't something I wanted to try.  Then I did some deep dive Yelping for options and found one that looked promising and called for an appointment. "You come right now?" Sure.

So I hopped in the car and went and got my nails done.  Not particularly handy to get to but not bad and easy parking. It's a cute shop. Their picking out of colors scheme isn't as nice as the other place but my rule whenever going someplace new is to pick a light color that won't show imperfections so I picked.

The manicure itself was WAY more detailed and thorough than the other place. Way more. She took longre but really did a much better job. And the hand/wrist/forearm massage was way better. And... it was $5 cheaper.

So I'm pretty sure that I have a new manicurist. And yeah, this polish sparkles.

Oh and check out the OH so cool ring that beadyeyedbeth made from a New York City subway token!!
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