Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is a mid-day swim day. It will include a stop at the library which is a couple of blocks before the pool. And that's it for prescribed activities.

There isn't even a baseball game tonight, which given the Mariners play so far, is a blessing. Plus, I haven't even seen Sunday's Good Wife and Madame Secretary yet.

The car tires are fixed and I cleaned out my Goodwill bin and dropped it all off.

According to my insurance, I'm supposed to be paying $45 for each of my inhalers. Walgreens has been charging me $3.60. I had assumed that this was because of the medicaid snafu and that once I finally got Washington state to quit paying for me, Walgreens would change the price to $45. Washington state sent me notice that they were cutting me off (after my begging them to do just that for 2 years) as of March 31. And... yet... I just got both inhalers refilled and Walgreens charged me $3.60 each. Cornfusing.

Also the insurance says my first visit to Dr. Lung had a $50 copay. And, yet, when the clinic sent the bill, it was for $12.25. That was before March 31 so ok. But the second Dr. Lung visit (another $50 copay) was after. The clinic hasn't billed me for that one yet. I'll be interested in seeing what they charge.

At least I'm having to actually pay way less than I expect but it is very confusing. On the up side, the new inhalers which are on the way will take me through about August. Now that I've had a taste of life without them, I am REALLY invested in making sure that never happens again!
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