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luzclarita just left a comment on yesterday's entry about RJ Reynolds that will have me thinking all day.

What things today will be incredible to those born in 5 or 10 or 15 years?

The list of things that were common in my 20's and no where to be found today seems endless. Off the top of my head:

  • telephone busy signals

  • H&S Green Stamps

  • Never leaving home without a dime in your shoe (for emergency pay phone calls)

  • Pay phones

  • Phone books

  • Regulated air fares (no matter the airline, the fare from here to there was set in stone and all the same)

  • Cars with no seatbelts

  • People smoking while grocery shopping

luzclarita suggests maybe Big Gulp drinks and illegal pot as possibles and I think that's a great start.

I am now going to be looking at everything around me for a while and conjuring on whether it will be on the Gone Forever List in a decade or two. Fascinating.


I ordered my charger from Amazon UK which was an interesting enough experience. It was almost the same but not exactly. I've ordered a million things from Amazon US so I don't even see the words on the screen any more because I know them like the back of my hand. But the UK site is just a hair different here and there.

Today I got the Track Package email. The first thing I figured out was that the shipping is apparently done by Amazon itself. Here in the US, I go to the Amazon site and get the tracking number and then go to the USPS or FedEX or UPS or whatever and plug the number in there to get the details. But, there's no place to plug the number into because Amazon is it for tracking shipping.

But, that's the one that really got me tickled. They don't ship. There is no shipping. They dispatch. Of course they do. Love it.


My phone (Nexus 6) has a great feature called Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. When plugged into an appropriate charger, it juices up really really quickly. On a quick charger, it can go from 10-20% charged to 100% in less than 30 minutes. It's amazing. The charger that Patrick is helping me get my mitts on has this Quick Charge thing built in so I can pop it in my purse and be able to recharge fast anywhere/anytime.

I have a couple of external batteries that work in a pinch but are sooooo slow it's painful to have to use them. At least in comparison. In the olden days phones had removable batteries. I always carried a charged up spare and it was great. But those days are like flip phones. Fondly remembered but no more.


Good swim this morning plus... Since the $400 parking ticket scare, I've been parking a block away up a small hill. Getting back to my car means climbing that hill. This morning I went from the pool to the car without having to stop one time! When I got to the car, I was Paula Panting but I made it without having to stop so... Victory!


Today there will be a trip to the snooty car dealership. My tire light is on. I could probably get it fixed at any tire shop but the snooty car dealership is about as close as any and easy to pop into and is smack in the middle of some flat real estate so I can get my 20 minutes of walking in while they fuck with the tires.


The Mariners are driving me crazy early this year. They win each game until the 9th inning when they toss the victory to the other team. April is way too early to be bitching about baseball. It just is.


Breakfast time.
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