Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The last cook day

Anita will be here in about an hour for her last cook day - at least for a while. One of the reasons for giving it up for a while is the drag that cook day has become. Having someone working here all day is not easy. Anita, herself, is really fun and nice and interesting to be around but she's working and working for me and it's just uncomfortable. Plus the smell. At first, it's delicious but it often takes a couple of days for the smell to dissipate. And it does not stay delicious for a couple of days.

And I'm looking forward to pizza and Chinese takeout and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. I could have those before but it seemed so silly to have them when gourmet goods wait for me in the freezer. Plus, I needed to make sure the freezer was cleaned out for next time.

For most of the years, Anita has cooked for me, all of the above was true but overshadowed by the value of having delicious meals to eat and fewer trips to the grocery. Gradually the needle moved and now I'm looking forward to meals she'll cook today, I'm even more looking forward to not having to eat them right away and maybe saving them for special. And not having another cook day for a while and, maybe, saving a bit o' coin in the process.

My brother and his wife leave today for a week of leisure and Blue Grass. They are off to a music festival in Jacksonville, FL. They used to live there so will also be seeing old friends. It's just the perfect get away for them. He's built up a good team that can easily handle the business (and their animals) while they are gone. Nice.

In other not news, I'll be swimming at 11. And stopping by the library before then to pick up some stuff on hold.
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