Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Turns out the schools are out this week. There are two public schools between here and the pool and having them empty means a much smoother trip there and back. Yeah for Spring Break! Also, I wonder if Spring Break wasn't the reason for way fewer people at the morning swim... It was lovely.

I have nothing on the docket today. My car tire light came on this morning but nothing looks flat. And I'm not up for tangling with the rich and famous on Monday morning at the Mercedes dealership. If it persists, I'll take it in on Wednesday or find some tire place to give me a blow job.

I do need, one of these days, to go to Benjamin Moore and get some matching paint to do some touch ups around here. Again, does not have to be today.

I have a package coming... hopefully. The USPS says that it is scheduled for delivery last Thursday. There has been no change in any info for the tracking number since last Wednesday at 2 am. It is well and truly stuck. Here's hoping it gets unstuck. I really don't want to call them.

It's supposed to stay cool and cloudy today so I think a nice walk will be in the offing at some point. I have two very excellent novels going and both are at critical points in the plot. There's lots of good stuff on TiVo and knitting to be done.
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