Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fail but salvaged

I had thought I'd be interested in seeing While We're Young, maybe. But, I read cinema_holic's review - not carefully - and decided to go. I went back and re-read it after I got home and realized my error. He says, clearly, that it is targeted at an age group so far in my rear view mirror that I can no longer see it. So that's why, it was not my movie. It was only an hour and 30 minutes but several times I found myself thinking 'isn't this over yet????'

But, I did get in 30 minutes of walking and it wasn't too hot or too sunny and I stopped on the way home and picked up dinner and I got a fair bit of knitting done during the movie. So mostly win win.

Now, it's baseball and bear knitting time.
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