Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night, I spent the entire night - dream wise - in doctor's offices or going to doctor's offices. Weird. Not bad weird. Just weird.

This morning, I think I'm going to the movies. I'm going to see We Were Young. There's a 10:30 showing at my theater of choice downtown. I can get in my walk (to and from the bus) and be home in plenty of time for the baseball game this afternoon. I think that will work just fine.

The week coming up is a nice balance of things and nothing. Anita will come chef for the last time on Tuesday. The rest of the week has little things assigned to days but nothing that is signed in stone so what happens will happen and if something comes along, I'll be free to take advantage. The perfect week.

Also good is the blood bruising (senile purpula) on my hands and forearms. For the last few years, the back of my hands and my arms have looked lie some bird shit purple on them. Giant ugly splotches of purple that didn't hurt but just looked awful. Gloves and long sleeve awful. Particularly awful at the pool.

But, for some reason, lately, the few splotches I've gotten have been more pinkish and light colored if at all. And the purple ones have been tiny. This has been going on for several weeks and it's weird. Lovely, but weird. I'm sure the ugly will return at some point but for now, I'm thrilled to be rockin' the normal!

Time now for a little pre-movie breakfast.
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