Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The pool I go to on Saturdays has a giant wall of floor to ceiling windows. When the sun is out, there is at least part of each lap where it's blinding and not fun. So today's cloudy sky is a nice little gift. It also makes for a nice, cozy swim.

After my swim this morning, I think I'm going to go south. There's a Walmart down there. I think I'm going to go check and see if they have bear innards. Some Walmarts do and some don't. When they do, the price is totally worth the chase. A 5 pound box for $20 which is about half the normal price and dealing with a 5 pound box is so much easier than a bunch of smaller bags. Worth a check and I can get breakfast at the IHOP across the street.

Last night's baseball game was a disaster. The Mariners won their first game and haven't won one since. Last night they were chewed up and spit out. On the plus side, they did not drag it out like the Yankees and Red Sox who went 7 hours. That is not fun baseball.

Here's hoping this afternoon's game does not suck. I'm not up for Yet Another Summer of Sucky Baseball.
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