Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

An excellent dinner option

The teriyaki place I went to today has been there and been heralded for a long time but for some reason, I'd never eaten there. There was another teriyaki place a little closer but it turned into falafel a few years ago. Today I got beef and chicken combo with white rice. $9.95.

I just had it for dinner and OH yeah!! This will work fine. Plus, 1/2 is perfect for 1 dinner so tomorrow is set as well. There will be more 20 minute walk/pick up teriyaki for dinner combos in my future.


Zoey has a giant bowl of dry kibble always available. She munches on it at her leisure. In addition, I often spoon out some canned stuff for her. We've gotten into the deal where when she wants some, she hops up on to the counter and meows. I spoon out a bit into her bowl - rarely more than a 4th of the small can at a time. She always licks it and sometimes eats it all and sometimes leaves it for later.

Some days, she hops up once a day. Some days she hops up twice a day. Some days, like today, she wants more every time I have ventured into the kitchen. She's eaten a whole can today. The only other time she did this was when my brother was here. Weird.

Just now I went in to wash the plate and utensils from dinner and she hopped on the counter. WTF? I'm not made of cat food. I'm not opening another can today. Deal. But, I did get out some treats she likes.

I lined them up on the counter - 2 and then a space and 2 and then another space and then the last 2. For no good reason. She sniffed at the first 2 and passed them up. Then she sniffed at the second 2 and passed them up. Then she ate the last 2 and then went back to the second 2 and ate them before finishing the last.

She is one weird cat.
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