Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and done good

So I strapped on my oh so fun new walking shoes* and turned on my 122 beats per minute music and hit the street. It's actually faster than I usually walk or have walked lately but I figured I'd try the pace for as long as I could.

I actually lasted a lot longer than I expected. I stopped an caught my breath and then went right back to the same pace. I stopped at the teriyaki place to get take home dinner and then came on home. A total of 30 minutes (after I take out the 10 spent at the teriyaki place) at a nice pace. I'm calling it good.

While I have no need to really walk fast, I do have a need to walk and carry on a conversation. That's what I could not do when my brother was here. I figure if I can train myself to walk fast, walking and talking will be a Piece of Cake.

Laundry is 3/4ths done. This day is good so far!


I ordered and tried a bunch of walking shoes (from $75 to $150 each) from Zappos and sent them all back. Then last Saturday, I happened on a Payless and went in to look.  I found these beauties for $30 and they are outstanding. Really light weight and oh so pretty. I spent another $6 for elastic no-tie laces and ... perfection! Plus they make me smile just to put them on.
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