Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Use it or lose it

I'm discovering the veracity of the old Use it Or Lose it adage. And when you pair that with inertia (the stay at rest part of inertia)... I'm turning into a meatloaf. I've actually started this entry about 5 times today. I write and write and delete. I can't even get my thoughts together enough to express them. Pitiful.

I am doing laundry. 3 loads worth. And I am going to force myself out the door. The sun is out but not glaringly so and it's sharing real estate with clouds so it won't be too bad. I will do my 20 minutes of walking today. I will even though really I'd rather sit here and knit and watch TV and play internets.

My swim this morning was a good one. Yesterday I saw my original aqua fitness instructor. He's a great guy who left our pool for another about 5 years ago. It was so cool to see him and say hi. Then, this morning, I learned that he's dating one of our life guards! I would put them together as a couple in about ... never but apparently they've been doing the tango now for about a year. Wild.

I also learned that our pool is closing for the last two weeks in August. It happens about every 18 months so not a huge shock and not the worst time either. The outdoor pools will be open and the lakes will be swimmable so the crowds at pools I would go to instead won't be huge. It will be a hassle but I have plenty of time to stress about it.

My windows shades did not go down the this morning at 8 as programmed and did not go up at 11 like they should have. Me thinks this needs investigating.

As soon as the current load comes out of the dryer, I'm hitting the pavement.
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