Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Masters or... snootville

The Masters golf tournament is in the air again. For several years, I lived in the next town over from Augusta. I was grown and on my own but, briefly, my parents lived in the same town for a while, too. None of us cared one whit about golf at all but Daddy cared enormously about prestige and the 'right' crowd and parties. And, if you removed the actual golf, The Masters is nothing but a week of hoity toity partying all dressed up in pink and green outside in massively, expensively, appointed and catered tents.

The vest majority of tournament tickets go to members of Augusta National Golf Club. They are not for sale. But, some have gotten loose from the club membership over the years through inheritance and divorce settlements. They have changed hands for money but only on the careful sly. My father worked for several years to get on the list and finally scored. I got to the tournament because I was dating a club member.

It's a gorgeous place and a fabulous party. Every year. My parents for many years long after they moved away. My Mom held onto the tickets after Daddy died because she didn't know what to do with them. And then she was tastefully contacted with a proposal for their exchange. (This is what the upper crust in the South calls brokering illegal tickets.) I think she let them go for about $5,000 which was probably a steal.

The TV coverage rarely includes a peek into the real Masters, just that goofy golf part. Weird.


I'll be at the pool when it opens at 11 for my swim. The rest of the day - before and after - will just be an 'as happens'. I have nothing that has to be done or needs to be done or should be done. It's a luxury I plan to wallow in all the rest of the day.
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