Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My housecleaner and her daughter are busily cleaning my house. I love what they do but it always feels just so awkward being there while they do it. Today there was absolutely no reason for me to be there so I left. And now I'm hole up in McDonald's. The one near my house is really the best one on the planet. It's clean - so clean and the people are so nice and so efficient. It's such a great McDonald's that once I looked up the ownership and wrote the owner a love letter. Based on the reaction, they don't get too many. I got emails from the owner and two of the shift managers. It was cute.

So here I are. I might go to Costco and replenish my bacon supply. I could park in the far lot and get some walking in at the same time. I really don't have any plans for today.

My swim this morning was good. No Olympians but good anyway.
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