Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


For about 6 years now, I've had a personal chef. For the last 4 and a half of those years, it's been Anita. The first couple of years, she would come every other week. Then, when I retired, she started coming once a month. She comes and cooks for about 6 hours and fills my freezer with foods we agree upon (no cooked carrots, no lima beans, no coconut). It's been wonderful. But, I think I may be done. It's an expensive luxury and I'm questioning that expense. And I'm just not enjoying the experience like I used to.

But, I'm not real comfortable firing her. She's a very fun lady and I admire her skills and the business she's put together. I hate to be the one to chisel out a chunk of her income, too. I can't quite hear the conversation we would have in my head yet. Her husband is looking for a new job. If they move out of town because of his new job...

I think I just need to put on my big girl pants and step up. I need to come up with a plan if I'm going to do this. Good swimming fodder. I can sometimes really noodle through an idea during the hour I'm just swimming back and forth and back and forth. This would be a good swim think topic.

Swimming today is at 11. And then I think I may go catch up to my favorite food truck. They make delicious sandwiches out of latkes and they have a special Passover menu this week. I saw it on Twitter and it looked delicious. I can't now remember the details. I think after my swim I'll go over and surprise my tongue.

And that's it for the agenda today. It's so wonderful to have baseball again. That will be my evenings from now through October. Delicious.
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