Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Play Ball!

LJ has been acting hinky for me today. It just now ate a whole entry. I read about this happening to other people and usually assume, with an superior sniff, that it's operator error. Butt bit this time. I had trouble earlier leaving a comment. Hmmmm

Oh well, redo.

The baseball season finally starts today. Our game is at 1 here at home for a change - it's been years since we've hosted the season opener. I think I'll probably do my 20 minute walk down to the stadium later and maybe even pick up a hot dog from one of the outside vendors.

This morning's swim was interesting. On Mondays and Wednesdays, there's a private group of about 30-35 middle aged adults who train from 5-6:30. They usually leave at 6:30 when the public swim starts. But today they had a speaker - a young woman who one an Olympic gold medal in the butterfly. She even had her medal with her (those suckers are BIG). I couldn't hear her but the swimmers were all dripping in the bleachers raptly hanging on her every word for 30 minutes. It was kind of cool.

Usually, I keep one book going on my Kindle or Google Book and one audio book going. When I get to the end of one or the other, I start another. Finding my next book is sometimes not easy. But, right now, I have a line out the door of stuff I want to read. I keep a wish list on and download samples for the word books. I usually check before I actually buy to see if the library has a Kindle/Overdrive version. Our library is getting better and better at not only having ebooks but having them available, no waiting! It's a good time to have time to read, that's for sure.
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