Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So, we have this free shelf in the garage. I use it for those things that I could take to Goodwill but maybe would be appreciated here - cellphone cases, drinking glasses, old routers or cables, that kind of thing. Oh I left some old handbags once. Some people leave old clothes and/or really tacky looking chotskies. But, most often it's this interesting thing or that. One time someone left unopened HP deskjet cartridges - one color, one black - that fit my printer... in other words, pure gold.

I try not to pick up stuff because I honestly so not need more stuff! And I try to be careful to get rid of stuff in this house as I bring more stuff in. And to make sure that I have room and/or space for any stuff I do bring in.

But... today... on the shelf was this giant bolster. It's about 4' long and maybe 10-12" across. Stuffed. Like off someone's couch. Old brown cotton covered couch.

It just looked to intriguing so I grabbed it. No place to put it, and it's ugly but I figured I'd bring it up and take it back if I decided to later.

I plopped it on the floor and then laid down on it with my spine lined up lengthwise. OMG did that feel wonderful! I gave it 5 minutes and my back and neck and butt were sooooo happy! I have one of those hard foam rolls like they use at the gym but it's hard to get down on and really hurts for the first few minutes. This feels wonderful from the start. It may be ugly. I may not have any place to put it but wow! is it staying. At least for a while. I might even get inspired to recover it with something less ugly. And... that hard foam roll may be going down on the free shelf!!

I was in the garage because I have a new rule. When the recycling/garbage/scrap bags get full or close to full, I get off my ass and take them down to the dumpsters immediately. No more piling up bags at the front door until next time I go out.

It's not much exercise but it's some and the refuse gets gone immediately. So today, the orchids that my brother sent my for my birthday finally bit the dust and that topped off the food scraps bag. I would have taken them tomorrow on the way to the pool but no more. Now they go NOW!

And my reward is a happy neck and back!
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