Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and done and OMG, is that ever just ridiculous

I walked the 15 mins to the Irish bar and had another great breakfast. The waitress remembered me and exactly what I ordered and so she got a big tip which was probably welcomed because when I left there was not another customer in the joint. They open early on Sundays because they show soccer games live from around the world and Sunday afternoon games in Europe are on early here. Today's game was over about 9:30 and everyone but me had finished their drinks and left. She was in for one quiet Sunday.

Then I walked home - clearly logging my 20 minutes a day plus some. Yeah me!

Then I emptied the freezer and assessed and put it all back in an orderly fashion. I thought I needed to toss out a bunch of stuff but really that turned out to be only one dish. I have meat enough for ages of dinners. And a fair number of perfectly acceptable side dishes.

It is amusing how much of the freezer my aches and pains occupy. If I removed all the ice packs of various shapes and kinds, I would instantly double the storage. When kids go off to school now, they pack a dorm fridge. Someone needs to come out with a Senior Freezer just for ice packs!

I have this thing with my Kuerig pot. No matter how long I leave my cup in there, there is always one drop that waits until I move the cup. It's like that drop that guys can't ever get shed of before they zip their pants back up. It makes me nuts. I tried a paper towel but I hated looking at the brown spot even more than the drop. So this morning, I made a paper template and then cut coaster out of dark felt that fits perfectly in the spot. O Ver Kill. I know.

Oh and then I revisited Senior Sneakers to see if they had any more/different local pools - specifically salt water. I did find one that I didn't know about that bears looking into. It's in Ballard in the same building as Trader Joes. I can get in for free with my Silver Sneakers card so I might just check it out one day when I'm in the hood. It seems that several of the LA Fitness and 24Hour Fitness places has pools and they are all part of the program. I made a list and it's on my phone.

The waitress this morning, a woman of probably early 20's, told me that she not only does not have a Smart Phone, she doesn't really want one. WTF? I don't even like to think what my life would be like without mine. I listened to a podcast on the way to the restaurant, I read my ebook while I ate, I figured her generous tip with my tip app, I got an interesting email while I was there - read it and then went to a website to check my preference and then I listened to music on the way home. And all of that was without one of my most treasured uses, the GPS. Nope, do not take my phone. Just don't. But, aren't people younger than 40 required to have a smart phone??? I thought that was a law.

Time now to start another bear while I watch CBS Sunday Morning.
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