Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My lungs really hate mornings these days. Each morning is a little better and, I suspect, we are only a few days away from totally back to normal but for now, clearing out last night's accumulation of lung junk is just really disgusting. It makes me ever so grateful, once again, that I live alone. Zoey just sleeps through it.

The big thing on my agenda today is a walk and some brunch. My plan is to walk to the Irish pub I went to last week. I don't know if they are open or not because of Easter. If they are not, I'll probably just walk home and eat here.

Once home, I plan to tackle the freezer. Chef Anita won't be here this week but next and that gives me time to eat what's eatable but first I need to organize what's in there so I know what I have. I need to get back into the habit of less stock piling and more just in time food acquisition. I'm just wasting too much.

No baseball today but tomorrow afternoon it starts for real. Yeah!!!

It's a little too early to head out yet, so I think I'll stay in bed here with Zoey and read for a bit first.
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