Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's interesting to wake up and feel like I got a great night's sleep but still checking my fitness device to make sure. Ha.

This morning, it's back to my new pool for an 8:30-9:30 swim. I have 45 minutes before I need to get my suited butt out the door.

After my swim, I really don't have anything planned. I might go get some breakfast but that's all I really have in mind. There aren't any movies I want to see. I need to eat my way through my freezer before I buy more food. There really isn't any shopping I need to do. At some point kind of soonish, I need to make a Walmart run for bear stuffing, but that's a couple of weeks out.

So, probably, I'll just come on home to knitting and reading and TV watching. And my 20 minute walk.
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