Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Busy morning!

I went from bed to pool to Amazon to Archie McFees and then home.  And now I'm doing laundry. Looks like 2 loads. Oh and changed the sheets on the bed!

Swimming was good and fortunately, I was out, showered and dressed way ahead of schedule which was great because the Amazon building I was going to is smack in the middle of the high traffic area and I needed to be there by 8:45. Plus, the Google map included with the invite was to the wrong building. (Amazon has a lot of buildings in the same general 10 block area.) But, undaunted, I finally found the right place and the right parking and managed to get there early anyway!

The focus group was for the marketplace where you sell your goods on Amazon. It was pretty interesting and they had coffee and they ended it right at 10 as promised.  Easy peasy way to score $100 Amazon bucks!  I stopped at the deli off the lobby on the way back to parking because 1. I wanted to kill some time and 2. I was starving. They had said there would be coffee and muchies at the focus group but there was only coffee.

My next stop was Archie McFee's but I didn't want to get there until 11:30 cause that's when badrobot68 was scheduled to work. I totally blew it. I drove over there and then parked 10 minutes away (so I could get my 20 in AND kill time - pretty genius).

But, my old/new inhalers blew my plan out of the water. They are kicking in big time. Instead of walking, resting, walking, resting, panting, walking, resting... I just walked the whole 10 minutes at a good clip in total comfort! Kind of amazing really. My cough is better, too. Not 100 percent yet but getting there. Yeah!

Got my stuff and still it wasn't closed to 11:30. Oh well. I walked back to the car and came on home.

My first Social Security payment landed in my checking account. Awww a milestone. Also in my checking account was the payment I sent to my CPA two weeks ago. ????? BECU says the address was wrong. Nope. It was not. And it's the same one you used correctly in previous years. Resent and apologized to poor Gordon. This is distinctly NOT the time of year to be causing a CPA unnecessary bother. He was gracious.

Time to move the loads up the laundry chain.
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