Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What a good guy...

I just got a reply from Dr. Lung. My original note was that the new inhaler was causing problems (and I listed them all). I said I wanted to go back to Advair and Spiriva and did he think that was an ok idea.

Here's what he said "At the end of the day, we should go with what works for you. If you're better on Spiriva and Advair, you can go back to that. Do you need a new prescription?"

I just think that is the nicest answer. Plus, it totally works for me. I feel much better today. Not perfect but way better. I'll bet it's even better tomorrow. And I have at least two months worth of both Advair and Spiriva.

I'm glad I tried something different so now I know what that's like and I'm glad I could go back to what works. win win win

My nails are a lovely retro pink. The woman at the salon plops these three rings of nail color sticks in front of me and I'm supposed to decide which of the 150 colors I want. Today I had Decision Paralysis. She pulled out this pink and said she thought it would be best so I said OK. And... I like it.

I also popped into the other nearby Grocery Outlet and found the spray on body lotion I was looking for yesterday. It's not massively cheap but about half what it is on Amazon so good enough for me.

OMG My brother just sent me the coolest picture:


This is the driveway into their PC repair shop. I'm not sure where the arrow came from but the CPU's and laptop are recycles that my sister-in-law painted and arranged. I think it's just genius. But, of course the cat is in charge. (For the past 25 years my own cats have all been indoor cats. The idea of this one coming in my house with all that dirt and probably fleas and whatever all over her makes me cringe. I am not letting Zoey see this photo.)
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