Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My fitness monitor does not monitor muscle work. If it did, I'd be off the charts. I coughed so much yesterday that my abdomen feels like it spent a day at the gym. I started back on the good inhalers last night and I'm hoping that this morning's shot will convince my lungs that I really do care and they should beeeehave. And/or Dr. Lung will chime in with yet different drugs to try.

Yesterday was just a tough breathing day. Nice baseline. Let's make all days better.

I slept great last night (even my tracker thinks so) which has to be a good start.

Swimming today is at 11. I might go get my nails done after and I might not. It's really only handy to get them done on Tuesdays or Thursdays. And I think they can't wait until next Tuesday.

One of my favorite painters, maybe even my favorite, is having a show two blocks up the street and the reception is tonight at 6. I plan to drop in and see the latest.

I am sitting on my bed which is separated by a 3/4th wall and about 30 feet from the closest window. The two weather apps on my phone say it is cloudy but not raining. One says the closest precipitation is 8.8 miles away. BUT my Twitter feed is full of Seattlites bitching about getting pounded by unforecasted rain on the way to work and the traffic reports (also in Twitter) are looking exceedingly soggy. Funny to know what the weather actually is, even when it's contradicted by science, without seeing it.

Since I much prefer cloudy rainy days to sunny dry ones, I'm totally cool with this situation.

But, I think it's time to get up and get some breakfast. I'm starving.
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