Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gettin' it done

Well, Grocery Outlet didn't have what I wanted but they did have Giant Boxes of Cheerios on sale so at least the trip wasn't a total waste.

I did walk but not 20 minutes. I was going to finish when I got home but I had a gusher of a nose bleed instead. What a mess. But, apparently, not fatal.

I got two out of the three shirts I ordered. Instead of the 3rd shirt, I got the world's ugliest tote bag. I would have said that there was no bag I wouldn't use happily until I saw this one. Really a dog. So I called. 'Send the bag back and we'll credit your account for the shirt.' ??? Why do I doubt that? They will get their free bag back and know to send me $ or a shirt? Thankfully, we're not talking big bucks here. The shirt was $7. But, still, that was an ugly tote and I could not slap the free return label on it fast enough.

I went through my closet and found all my old swimsuits. I scoured each for mending needs and then did the mends. I cut the lining out of my two newest ones. The suits last a long time, the lining, not so much. There are 5 total and they are now all officially in rotation. They are also all the same suit in different colors. (It's the only fat lady suit that lasts me more than 2 months.) This will drive Sophie, the lifeguard, nuts. I have been alternating navy and turquoise for a year and today I wore red. It took her the entire hour to get used to it. Now we have those three plus green and purple. If I'm careful and stay on top of any mending, I should be good for at least another year.

Left over pizza for dinner. Yum.
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