Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I gave up

This morning I was coughing while I was swimming. This actually does NOT enhance the experience. GRRRR So I gave up. I sent Dr. Lung an email (yeah for email to doctors) and told him I give up and was going back to the Spirva and Advair. He may well have another option but at least I know I have a working one... in house already.

Edit: In an hour, I got a reply from Dr. Lung's nurse. Dr. Lung is out today but will be in tomorrow to review my note but she also asked if I needed prescriptions for the Spirva and Advair. Can I just say one more time how much I love email with my doctor!

My favorite lifeguard got a Misfit Shine. We swapped bands this morning. I had bought one of their upgrades - a mesh band - which I thought would be more protection for the actual Shine. But I think the original band works as well and is actually less band and more comfortable for me. She had remarked that she really liked the look of the mesh band so this morning I proposed we swap for a trial and she agreed. The minute I got this soft rubber band back on my wrist, it felt way better. I think I'll just give her the mesh one.

One of the swimmers this morning said that Grocery Outlet had spray body lotion for cheap. So that's actually on the top of my todo list today. I think I'll drive over there and then maybe walk around that block - which is actually about 4 blocks due to streets that don't go through - for my 20 minutes.

And that's it. That's all I got for today so far. It's time to get my nails done again but I think tomorrow will work better for that.

I do not have the April Fools sense of humor so most of what I'm seeing on the internets today is just annoying. Maybe I'll spend some quality time with the novel I'm currently enjoying. At least I no longer work in an office and have to pretend I think it's all hilarious.
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