Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have decided to give this new inhaler until Friday at least - a full week or more if I can stand it. I can't tell if it's really not working or if my imagination is fighting it or what exactly is happening. There's definitely more coughing and panting but maybe that's still just getting used to the change. As long as it does not affect my swimming negatively, I can stand it. Pooping on my swimming will be a deal breaker for sure.

Today's big doin's are swimming and pizza. The pool opens at 11 so when I get done, I'll pop by the Papa Murphy's that right by the pool and pick up a pizza for dinner.

And, that's it for plans. It's supposed to be cloudy and rainy so there also may be a walk around the block or a couple of blocks.


Ok, so fried cheerios ... it's a thing. Really. Even google knows about it. Get a big fying pan, melt a bunch of butter in it, and then pile on the cheerios, stir around so they get all buttery and then all toasty, a little brown and crunch and the toss in a bowl and eat.

They are good hot but also cold. I usually make a big batch and put the rest in a baggie and much on them for several days until they are gone.

My Mom used to do this with Kix but even when I can find Kix cereal, I think it's too sweet. Cheerios or one of the Chex works best, in my gourmet opinion.
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