Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not there yet - note to me

Today's walk was interrupted by having to sit and breathe about every two blocks. I got to the shop fine but coming home was a bitch. The sun was a glare and I was hot. I had to stop and buy water. I made it home but it was painful.

Clearly there is major work to do. Thankgod for swimming or I would just never leave my chair and hope to die soon if I had to get all my exercise from things like walking.


I noticed this morning that there were signs on a lot of the trees by the pool. I followed the URL to learn that starting in May they are going to completely tear up the street and redo it and redo the water main under the street. It's going to be a mess for at least 8 months. Great. July and August are going to be particularly messy because the high school next door will be closed for Summer and they won't have to keep the street clear for the kids. Ugh.

My Saturday pool may become my temporary weekday pool, too. Nice to have options.
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