Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Good swim this morning. I'm still feeling my way through the new drug program. I want it to work so much. Today felt different but not particularly bad different. I feel like I'm coughing more than usual but that may just be my imagination. So the jury is still out.

Today, I think I'm going retrace my walking steps from yesterday. There's a shop I want to go in that wasn't open when I was there yesterday. So up to the International District, onto the bus, off by Target (just up from the shop) and then walk home. The sun isn't supposed to come up until this afternoon so I should be good for today's walk.

The only other thing on the agenda is this evening's home owners association meeting. The rest of the day will be the usual stuff.

I just spent some time going over bills to make sure I'm paid up and kosher. April starts my new and, likely, forever financial framework. Income thanks to IBM, investment draw and Social Security. I have a budget of fixed and variable expenses that is scheduled out with room for emergencies and rainy days. This all makes me feel very competent and accomplished. Which is not a feeling you get much when you aren't working - at least I don't and I miss that.

At this minute, however, I still have my post swim robe on and I'm out of coffee. So time to get up and get properly dressed and get some breakfast and then head out...
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