Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Great Success!

The walk, the shopping and, especially, the breakfast. All a great success.

This restaurant - Fado - was here when I moved here 25 years ago. It's about a half mile from my house. They open early on Sundays - my preferred brunch time. And, yet, I've never once been in there. It's a great place. A pub. Comfortable and nice and friendly. And the breakfast was Delicious! I will absolutely be going back.

And I think the internets may have lied about the weather much to my delight. It was overcast and nearly chilly. Perfect for my walking pleasure.

Oh and while I walked I listened to my new favorite podcast and learned the most amazing thing. Korea's first astronaut was a woman. Who turned out to be Korea's only astronaut. And she lives just down the road a piece from right here!!

Also, while where I was walking was not very near the center of Emerald City Comicon, there were still some folks with amazing costumes on the street. Such fun.

Home now and ready for an afternoon of jes stuff.
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