Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had in mind a walking/brunch outing this morning but it's supposed to be sunny and hot out today. I think probably I'll still go but sooner than later and hope for the best. And take a brimmed hat.

My plan is to walk over to the International District and take a bus up to Target where I need to get a couple of things and then walk back to an Irish bar that serves Irish breakfast and then walk home. That should give me even more than 20 minutes.

Yesterday I did my swim, my 20 minutes AND stairs. Turns out I can get from the ground floor to the 3rd floor but it involves a lot of panting and gasping. So there is clearly work to do in the stair area.

After the breakfast/shopping/walk, there's a baseball game on TV and knitting and book reading. Because I happen to have a giant credit build up in the Google Play store, I bought a book I wanted from Google instead of Kindle, for a change. The Google book reading app turns out to be really nice. Turns out that novel is fun (Shining City: A Novel by Seth Greenland). Also I'm sucked into an audiobook (Death on a High Floor by Charles Rosenberg). I have plenty of entertainment!

I think I'll get up and get going and maybe beat some of the sun.
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