Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Techno love

Today, when I left Denny's, I turned off the phone and dropped it into my purse. When I got into the car, I turned on the radio and hit the AUX button and said "Ok. Google, Play some music." Beep Beep 'Playing Music' came out of my purse and through the radio speakers and following it was Johnny Rivers "Poor Side of Town".

I had a phone before that would do (listen and respond when it was turned off) but it took several tries and didn't always work. This new phone works every single time and it just tickles me.


Last night I finally found the exact combo of software and settings so that I can prop my phone up on the wireless charger at night and hit a button and a nice, big numbered clock stays on all night must like I want.


The bigness of this phone makes it hard to decide among all the entertainment options. Shall I read my book? (It's a great size for that, but the current case is too slippery to prop up.) Shall I play a game which is too big for my old phone but perfect for this one. Shall I catch up on my favorite RSS feeds? Or LJ or anything really that goes in a browser because this phone is big enough to make that practical. I'm totally hooked.


But, still my two favorite techno things that give me a jolt of delight every time are depositing a check and controlling the window shade with my phone.


I had this thought this morning about how miraculous all of this is. Even 5 years ago, I would have bet NFW on most if not all of it. When I was born in 1949, TVs were the technological miracle of the day. Now I carry one in my pocket all day every day.

And, if someone should stumble on this entry in 20 years or so they will likely read it and chuckle at how quaint and old-timey I am for thinking this stuff is cool.
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