Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

1st half of birthday is beyond perfect

So the new swimming hole is now my Regular Saturday Swim. It's a bitch to get to. Maximum number of traffic lights (even taking the interstate highway route) and all of them red. But, once there... It's a beautiful pool which massively wide lanes. And the locker room is lovely and the shower pressure is just below holy-fuck-I-need-a-rope-to-hold-on-to. But the swim was the best part. I was totally by myself - whole pool to myself - for the first 15 minutes. Then I shared the lane with a couple of women for the rest of the time. When I got out, one of them asked me about my Shuffle and then said 'You are really the best to share a lane with. I love your steady, calming pace.' I do like the 8:30 start much better than 9.

The only downside is that there are precious few acceptable breakfast places between the pool and my house. I tried a route today that had two but one has too many kids and the other wasn't open yet and neither had parking (I was going to do my 20 minutes of walking but when it wasn't even open...). So I drove nearly all the way home and at the last minute decided to go to Denny's.

While I was slowly driving home, I happened to flip on the radio. One NPR station is still doing pledge drive so I went for the other one and happened on a really well done, interesting program that I had never heard of before. I missed the first minute but after listening to it for a few, I realized it was local! Sound Effect on KPLU Looks like it's first episode was just last January and they all look interesting. I'm going to have some fun listening. And just when I was ready to dump the whole station!! I've got the podcaster on my phone downloading all of the episodes right now.

Denny's was packed to the gills and the wait for my food was way too long but my new phone kept me happily occupied. The food was good and now I'm hope and the house doesn't smell like bacon. (The smell afterwards is always the downside of making my own breakfast.)

AND!! The horrible noise is gone! I checked before I left and it was louder than ever. I checked from the street and nothing. Weird. As soon as i got hope I opened up the terrace door and ... all was quiet. Whew.

Now, I have an hour until the Mariner game starts on TV. Zoey is wandering around not being a PIA. The mail is in downstairs. I think I'll walk down the stairs, get the mail and try walking up the stairs. At least a couple of flights.
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