Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

66 and all that

I heard on NPR this morning, my 66th birthday, that if you live to age 65, it's likely you will live another 20 years. WTF???? I was not and did not pay attention to the rest of the story. I'm just going to pretend it isn't true. I have had a wonderful, great, magical life. In 20 years, I'll be on oxygen 24/7, in some home where snotty power hungry attendants will be dictating my every move which will be painful because I'm old. And surrounded by annoying old people. Your impression of an experience is always determined by the last 5% of that experience. So my great, wonderful, magical life will be forgotten. Thanks, but no thanks.

There's a pool to the south of here which isn't as handy as mine but is lovely. It's schedule doesn't generally mesh with mine but for some reason I thought to check it just now and they have lap swimming from 8:30-9:30 on Saturday mornings! It is far less likely to be as crowded as my normal pool. hmmmm Google says it will take me 17 minutes to get there. It's now 7:20. I think I'm going to do it!!

My Saturday swim peops will wonder Where The Hell Is She??? but they will just have to get over that.

By the way I'm loving my new phone so much. I hate that it's so big and I love that it's so big. I just googled Ranier Beach Pool on my computer and then picked up the phone to bring it up on maps and it was already there! Google, I love you. Really. I do.

So, that's the plan. I might look for breakfast on the way home. No plans for the day beyond that.


There's some noise just outside my terrace that woke me up last night. It's like a semi is parked there with the motor running and that noise is bouncing off the buildings. I finally got up in the middle of the night and closed the terrace door. It's still there this morning. I don't know what the hell it is but I do believe it is louder than city standards. We had problems with noise coming from the new apartment building across the street before. The city was called in and the problem was fixed. We can do that again, I'm sure. Or maybe the noise will go away. If it is a large semi cooling it's jets, it's invisible. But, loud.
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