Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Very Weird but Very Wonderful

So the breathing test sucked. It nearly killed me. It took me a full hour to recover. BUT, the effort was, apparently, totally worth it.

Turns out, since my last test, 4 years ago, my lung function has gotten substantially better! Really!! And, no, I don't understand it either.

The last test was just after a 6 week bout of pneumonia and before I ever took any breathing drugs and before I started swimming laps. I also learned that "we kind of expect people with COPD to get hit with a cold/pneumonia/bronchitis a couple of times a year." I haven't had any of that in 4 years.

I was led to believe 4 years ago that my lung function would only deteriorate from here on out.
Apparently we're singing a new tune now. Which is fine by me. The doctor suggested that we remove steroids from the drugs I inhale daily. (Yeah! I can now do professional sports!!) And then he asked me if I wanted to try a new drug that would replace both my twice a day inhaler and my other inhaler with one single inhaler for one dose a day. DUH! Sign me up, please. He said he wasn't sure my insurance would go for it, but let's give it a try. And keep swimming and come back to see him in 3 months. And, I was done!!

He didn't say anything about the 20 minute walk a day. He didn't even ask me about it. But, clearly, it's making walking easier and so I will absolutely keep it up anyway. I had thought, before this doctor, that taxing my lungs might not be the best for them. Clearly that was wrong thinking.

Then down to the pharmacist. They had gotten a head start on the new inhaler but... didn't have any. Tomorrow. 11:30ish. BUT they were able to confirm that my insurance was fine with it. $3.60 is my copay.

Soooooo all in all, I think this morning was just one giant pile of VICTORY!!!
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