Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Staying awake

I have been asleep more hours than awake since Friday. Today's project is to try and stay awake all day. My throat is not 100% but it no longer feels like the start of something really bad. Whew. My swim this morning was a very good one. I did the parking at the uphill lot and it was fine. I did the hill slowly and didn't even have to stop. Plus, no $450 parking ticket! Win Win

Other than staying awake and walking 20 minutes, there's nothing else on the agenda today. In fact, except for the pulmonology test/dr. visit on Wednesday, today is a mirror of the rest of the week. Lovely.

I do need to tidy up the house. It's not in bad shape, but just this left out here and that left out there. Not having the web cams on doesn't help. Who's going to see the mess? ME!!

So I think this morning, before I head out for my walk, I'm going to get the house party-ready. I'm going to pick up everything and put it away as if I had company coming over.

Good way to start the week.
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