Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My parents had this medical theory that if you took Coricidin at the very first sign of a cold, it would chase it away or at least minimize it. I know it can't be true but I have such a fear of getting a cold that I try it. What could it hurt. But, happily, I catch colds so infrequently that my Coricidin has an expiration date of 9/2011. But, I took it anyway. And I'm pretty sure that's why I slept. 2 hours yesterday afternoon. And then I turned out the lights last night about 9 and woke up this morning at 7. My throat still feels about the same which is pre-sore. And I feel blah which is probably due to expired drugs.

I have a ticket tonight to Home Free who are an acapella group who's music I like. It's open seating so it's a go and stand in line but it's not sold out. I'm on the teeter totter about going. I'll probably make a snap decision about 6:30ish.

I do think that I will get up and get dressed and walk down to the Silver Cloud hotel next to the baseball stadium and get some breakfast. Down there and back is not quite 20 minutes but close enough. I have tried their breakfasts in the past and been under whelmed but it's been a long time and maybe they have gotten better. And at least I will have gotten out and given my 20 minutes a try.
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