Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Home again

My swim this morning was good for as long as it lasted. Just at the 30 minute mark, my lane filled up with a combo of breast stroke people and people who had no clue what they were doing. It was clearly my cue to get out. Brent, a lifeguard who has been around forever, was about halfway into his aqua exercise class in the teaching pool, so I just hopped in and caught the last of it. Some arm work and some ab work. Pretty cool and a nice compensation for being squeezed out of my lane.

But the whole time I was swimming, my throat was getting scratchier and scratchier. I went on to the post office and mailed the phone off. According to the tracking number, the buyer should have it on Monday. That will be a nice surprise for her, I'm sure. Then on to Bing's where the breakfast was lovely. And then my walk. My throat was sore and I was tired and the sun was out and the wind was whipping so I only did 10 mins. Stopped and got cat food and then came home.

I think this afternoon will hold a nap and some ice cream therapy. I hate taking naps but today it seems like a good idea. I think I'll take my phone with the baseball game on it and just zonk out.

Since Google's awarded me such riches, I downloaded a sample book from Google Play instead of Kindle and took my Nexus 7 to breakfast with me. I have to say the reading experience was quite lovely. May try that more often. Especially with the bigger phone. I may not even need as separate reading device at all.
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