Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Whack Track

Last night it took me longer than usual to fall asleep when I turned off the lights at 10:30pm and I felt like I woke up every other hour. I was wide awake when the radio went on at 6. The Misfit Shine says that I slept nearly 9 hours with more than 5 of those in deep sleep. Somebody is kidding somebody.

Yesterday, I sold my Nexus 5 on Amazon for $350. I paid $375 for it in November of 2013. I ordered the Nexus 6 on Thursday. It won't be here until next Thursday. But this morning, I got a lovely surprise. Google sent me a $50 credit to the Play Store. It's a special they started offering new purchases today and they gave it to me anyway. Nice. The Nexus 6 is huge. Maybe too huge. We will see. In the meantime, I'm using my old MotoX which, in comparison even to the Nexus 5 is little. This may be good, in that I'll be delighted with the extra real estate or bad, in that the new phone will seem way bigger than it is. I have 15 days after it comes to evaluate and return if I want.

When I got the sale notice, I went on the hunt for the box. I found it in pristine shape with the wall wart and cable still in their plastic. The phone itself has never been outside it's protective case, so it's in primo shape, too. I think she'll be delighted. I ordered a case with the new phone and plan to do the same with it.

Swimming is at 9 today. And, after swim, it's on to the post office. The new one, not far from the pool has Saturday hours. Nice. And then onto brunch. It's another rainy day so I'm going back to Bings, near the lake. Sunny, warm days will make this place too crowded with zero parking. But, today it will be fine and last Saturday, I couldn't decide between two menu items so today I can have the other one! And then do my 20 minutes of walking around the lake's edge. And there's a Red Apple Market in the walking path so I can get Zoey some kibbles on my way back to the car.

I'm happy with the plan.
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