Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


There is something going on in the back of my mouth and/or throat. One of the inhalers I use twice a day threatens thrush if you don't rinse your mouth out well after using. Maybe I didn't rinse enough. As long as it isn't the beginnings of a cold or worse. My COPD does not welcome colds and neither do I. It feels a little better than it did last night so I'm going with thrush that will be all better in a few hours.

My swim this morning was lovely. I parked just in front but in a legal spot. This means that I need 20 minutes of walking today. Possibly it will be combined with the bear delivery this morning at 10. There's a space near the delivery spot that needs exploring and it's nicely flat so...

And that's really it for the plans today.
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