Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I got my sweater cast on. Not a minor task. 302 stitches. I actually cast on about 30 more stitches originally but realized after row 1 that it was way bigger than I needed. Rather than rip it out and starting again, I did emergency surgery that I can easilly h

Next up, 22 inches of this.


Today is probably nails day. I think I'll probably pop in after my swim. And then do a minor grocery shop. The nail/grocery place has some good walking opportunities so that's where I may knock off today's 20 minutes.

And that's the basic plan.


I have one of those foldable, collapsible footstools that you can tuck behind or under stuff when you aren't using it. The problem is, I cannot find where I folded/collapsed and tucked it behind or under. I have looked in every nook and cranny - well, not every or I would have found it. It's not something I would have given to Goodwill. GRRRR

This is the kind of billboard that tells me how much over the Too Much Shit line I am. I need to do a deep delete of this house.


I got my tax papers back from the CPA yesterday. I owe $0 and I overpaid $0. It feels so tidy and grown up. Happily, too, my CPA's bill is half of what it has been in previous years. He's in cahoots with my investment guy to make next year's taxes the same way but even more simple. I have never once met this dude, face to face but I am oh so grateful for his work every year and especially this year.
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