Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

All caught up

I made the yarn exchange. I went with a lighter purple. I really do not like the people who run that shop. I'm pretty sure I've made my last purchase there. But, I rarely buy the kind of yarn they sell anyway and I'm all set now so no biggie.

On to the hair cutters which was another weird experience. All of their other Seattle locations are all wood and old and creaky and warm and cozy with hip, nice people. An easy going sign in on the clipboard places. This one was all concrete and bright lights and cold and airy and an ipad for signing in where you had to give up your phone number but at least the email address was optional. I did get a great haircut, however. And they have VERY easy parking. None of the other locations have parking at all. And it is the easiest for me to get to. So I don't know for next time...

I skipped the rest of the errands. They will all keep. I did stop at a flat parking lot on the way home and walked around some blocks for 20 minutes so I'm done for the day thankyouverymuch.

I just finished my favorite snack of toasted cheerios and Diet Dr. Pepper. I have a bear nearly done and then I'm going to cast on for my sweater and at least get a couple of rows done before it's back to the bears.
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