Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A $450 fine close call... whew

This morning I parked where I always park at the pool and when I came out there was a parking cop parked behind me and standing by my car with a ticket in her hand. She told me she had just written me a ticket for parking in a spot reserved for disabled. It's a section of parallel parking. One section is clearly painted white. The next section clearly was once painted white but it wasn't painted the last time the first section was. The section after that was also painted white but is even more faded than the second section.

I was parked in the middle section. I remember when they painted the first section last and told her that I thought then, and now, that they had released the other two sections then. She said no. But that's when she said she would cancel the ticket and noted that it was not a trivial one... $450. Holy FUCK. She told me that all three areas were reserved for disabled. Good to know but really, if they are going to enforce that they need to break out the paint.

Had I gotten the ticket, I would have contested it but what a PIA. And I am exceedingly grateful that she was so reasonable. She was a tiny, pretty little thing with way too much makeup. I also noted that this was before 8 am. I would have thought the city didn't start parking patrol until after 8.

I am VERY smarter now and $450 richer!!

And my swim was good. Sophie, my favorite lifeguard, is fascinated by my Shine. Now, when the lap time starts, instead of telling me 'you can start your swim', she says 'Go get some dots!'

Today is haircut day - a week late, but better late than never. I'm trying a new place. It's a branch of the old place that I hope is fabulous because it's handier to get to and has parking. And I'm going to go back to the yarn shop and see if I can exchange my yarn for a lighter color. I may top at the grocery but I may save that for tomorrow. I might pop into Trader Joe's, though.

But, first breakfast and I need to get dressed.
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