Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

me and NPR

In the late 70's I moved to Charlotte, NC and one of my first friends there was the station manager of the then teensy NPR radio station, WFAE. AM radio was king in those days. No one listened to FM and, of course, WFAE was FM plus it was a little college radio station with a tiny staff and zero respect. NPR was hardly known at all. And their news biz was just getting going. But, Jennifer was a cool friend and pretty soon she indoctrinated me.

I lost track of Jennifer years ago but for the last 35 years, I've woken up every morning to the news on NPR.

NPR, grew to a great thing. They had some marvelous golden years of high quality news and other programming. Their other programming is still pretty good bu their news programming is going downhill at a fairly brisk clip. But, still, I can't quit them.

Several years ago, thanks to howeird I bought an internet clock radio which I love. It's now really old technology which as not kept up but it still does wake me up with the radio station of my choice.

Many NPR stations have now seeded their internet feed with a canned ad. When you first tune in they give you some advertisement whic is ok except, they only change it about once a year so it is the same friggin thing every time which makes me crazy.

I'm pissed off at both our local NPR stations. My current station of choice, KRCW in LA has feed issues and about 10% of the time when the alarm goes off, it is silent. Not what you want in an alarm.

So this morning I went hunting... Good NPR stations in a western timezone that do not preface their feeds with an ad.

Years and years ago, when the web was a baby, I found this funky site called It was set up by a guy at MIT about 15 years ago and is just like it was then - amazingly functional and perfect for my task.

(When I first found it and figured out how amazing it was, I sent the guy a donation. About 6 months later I got a note with an apology for not thanking me sooner but saying the site and attached emails really just run on autopilot. Funny.)

So this morning I found and 'favorited' about 6 good NPR stations that fill my bill. I am glad to have backups to my backup.
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