Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This sleep monitoring business is just weird. First of all, the amount and quality of sleep I get it not a big deal. If I couldn't sleep at night, I could sleep in the day. I don't have to be awake for anything. So I don't need to change or monitor my sleep but because of the Shine, I do.

I thought I got a fairly good night's sleep last night and, this morning, my Shine tells me it was an even better night's sleep than I thought so now I feel more refreshed than I did when I first woke up!!

I can't find any credible info on what is the ideal percentage of deep sleep but seems to me more would be better and last night I had more than most... according the Shine which, of course, could be just blowing up my skirt. That would be my very well rested skirt.

Today will be a good walking day. It's drippy wet and cloudy. I'm getting worried about sunny too warm days and how I'll get my 20 minutes in. In other words, borrowing trouble.

Last night I watched a movie - The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. I had never heard of it until I saw it mentioned in a Tweet yesterday. It's got a stellar cast and an intriguing story. A guy gets diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and told he has 90 minutes to live.

It's one of those movies I'll be chewing on for several days to come.

Today I'll be making breakfast here and then walking down to the Mariners store and then coming home to the baseball game. And knitting and reading. Just a very excellent day.
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