Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The pool is always crowded on Saturdays but today was worse because use lane was being used for a life guard class. (One of my favorite receptionists was taking the class. He would make a fine life guard!)

But, even so, the Backstroke Bitch didn't arrive until I was almost done AND used a completely different lane than mine. So even with all that, I got in a good swim. I started to come on home but decided to go ahead with the brunch plans and boy was that ever a good idea.

I had not been to Bings in a while. I guess I got kind of burned out on it but today it was fabulous. There were three things on the menu that were very tempting and a bunch of others that looked good. After I took a great walk. It was gloomy and kind of spitting rain and windy so I pretty much had the sidewalk to myself. It is a perfect area to walk - lots of interesting stuff to see. Like this lovely view:

Seattle is such a great place to live.

Back home, I just discovered that two packages that the USPS said would be here on Monday are actually out for delivery!! I just saw the letter guy who said he'd be back with the packages in about 45 mins. Excellent.

I remembered to bring my iPod up from the pool gear bag so I can charge it and change out some tunes.

Oh and I got a call from Walgreens that my gout pills aren't covered by my insurance. That makes two weird things not covered. The insurance pays all but about 1% of the really expensive stuff - the inhalers that run me about $200 a month (there are 2 of those and another that is about $100 a month) but the cough pills and the gout pills... not a penny of coverage. Weird. The cough pills cost me about $40 for about a 5 or 6 month supply and the gout pills are $40 for about (hopefully) a 6 months or more supply. I guess I'm just very glad that it's not the reverse and they cover the pricey stuff instead of the cheap. But weird.

I upped the daily goal on my Shine. I kept hitting it every day even before my 20 minutes of walking so I changed it so that now, after the basic walk and swim, I'm at about 75% - gives me room to work up to. I still love this thing. Fitness tracking keeps me engaged and incentivized and interested. And I'm pretty shocked to learn that about me.
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