Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy adoption/birthday day!

Zoey came here to live on this day 2 years ago. The vet estimated she was 4 at the time. So we call today her 6th birthday. Guess I should start looking at elementary schools. Maybe we'll home school.

I've always had 2 cats but, when Betty died shortly after Zoey got here, Zoey just decided that another cat was not necessary. She works hard to successfully fulfill all my kitty needs. She's fairly snuggly and fairly self entertained and fairly amusing. And as low maintenance a cat as I have ever had.

She's now sleeping at the foot of the bed I'm sitting on.


I ordered 4 new handbags this week. One from eBags and 3 from Zappos. I have a very deep drawer that is full of handbags. I do not need another one. I just have this affliction. However, healing news... I'm returning all of them. Whew. I actually intended to return all but one. I haven't even gotten the one from eBags yet but have the return label ready. Fortunately, all are free shipping returns. It's progress. Now if I can just stop ordering them.


I may well take the yarn I bought yesterday back and exchange it. I can return any unused skeins for store credit. I worked up some swatches last night. I think I've settled on a needle size that will give me the right sized sweater and the yarn is just delicious and the sweater is going to be perfect - warm and soft and not too heavy. BUT the color may be too dark to work with comfortably. I think maybe next week when I go get my hair cut, I'll take the yarn back to the shop and see if there isn't a lighter color that I like as well.


I had a really interesting twitter exchange with the Seattle Times baseball reporter yesterday. The upshot was I learned the Mariners PR department was not only great to work with but were considered one of the very best in all of Major League Baseball. I think that's just very cool.

Also Mariner related, turns out the store sale is on through tomorrow so that is still a walking option. I think maybe tomorrow.

This morning, after my swim, I think I'll go get brunch at Bings which is down by the water. I haven't been there for a while and pretty soon, as the weather gets warmer, it will be way too crowded to even get to, much less park. The restaurant is in the middle of a flat area a block from the edge of Lake Washington. So my plan is to eat breakfast and then walk my 20 minutes around that area.
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