Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have lost my car keys. Somewhere in the house. I know for sure that I had then when I came in exhausted from West Seattle about 4 hours ago. I could not have gotten to the elevator without to them. I would have noticed had I dropped them outside the house, I'm sure. I have tracked my steps. I walked in, dumped my jacket and scarf and shed my boots. Then I went to the kitchen where I dumped everything else, grabbed a drink and sat down in the living room. I have checked pockets. Checked all around where I dumped my jacket. They aren't in the kitchen. I even checked drawers thinking maybe one was open and Zoey putshed them off the counter.  Emptied purse. I even broke into the Zappos box that was all tapped and ready for shipping. I have grilled the cat.  This is the stupidest thing in the world.

This house isn't that big. I have a backup set, thank goodness, but still where the fuck could the first set have gone?

This really pisses me off.


The power of Live Journal... keys have been found. As soon as I hit publish on the entry above, I thought to check the yarn. There they were, in the bottom of the yarn bag.

I am no longer pissed off.
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